Faux News Exclusive: As Campaign Heats Up, Barr to Arrest Biden

Faux News has learned that this weekend, Attorney General William Barr will order presidential candidate Joe Biden arrested for being the leader of a “Deep State conspiracy” promoting child pornography, pedophilia and human sacrifice to Satan. Barr will argue that he has “iron-clad evidence” presented by lawyers representing the organization, QAnon, that Biden was working in concert with former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton when several years ago a member of  QAnon entered Comet Pizza in DC, only blocks from the corporate headquarters of Faux News, armed  with an AK 47 and prepared to liberate the children imprisoned  in the basement of the restaurant where they were  being tortured by Clinton and Biden.  Although the armed QAnon representative was unable to find any children in the basement of Comet Pizza, representatives of QAnon argue that they now have new evidence that the children were in fact imprisoned on a hidden, lower level of the restaurant and that Biden’s secret campaign headquarters is now located on that level where human sacrifice continues to be a daily ritual.

Faux News has not been able to confirm that the facts alleged by Barr are valid. It remains unclear as to how this will impact the election.

Faux News Breaking News: Trump Taps Marjorie Taylor Greene for Republican Keynote Address

Faux News has learned that today Trump will replace the keynote speaker at the upcoming Republican Convention with Marjorie Taylor Greene, an avid supporter and spokesperson for QAnon, the right-wing conspiracy group now gaining national attention. Ms. Greene won her Republican primary in Georgia and is expected to win a seat in Congress by a wide margin. Trump praised Greene as a “wonderful American” and endorsed the controversial QAnon as “expressing true American and Christian values and a welcomed addition to the Republican Party.” Numerous Republican elected officials praised the president’s decision and voiced support for what is becoming a national movement.

QAnon remains a mystery for much of the American public. The group believes that an evil cabal of “Deep State” technocrats and elitists—many in Hollywood and the media– rule America and are responsible for the problems that persist in the country. They have information provided by an inside informant–“Q” — that those in the cabal are Satan worshipers, pedophiles and engage in religious rituals where they consume human blood. Trump is viewed as a savior of the world, who will support the group’s violent overthrow of the Deep State, and usher in a post-apocalyptic, utopian world. Some are reported to be forming vigilante, paramilitary groups to carry out the messianic mission of what is now a loose affiliation of like-minded people, but which appears to be growing exponentially. Some Christian churches mainly in the South have endorsed QAnon as fulfilling the Biblical promises in the Book of Revelations.

Trump is reported to have told associates that he has his own inside information that Hillary Clinton is a “Satan worshipper” and is one of the leaders of the  evil cabal along with her husband and Barack and Michelle Obama. Many insiders in the Trump administration confirmed that he intends to make this a center piece of his re-election bid against Joe Biden.

Those learning about QAnon for the first time are expressing bewilderment and consternation.

“How could anything this crazy be happening here in the United States?” said one person  who was briefly  in the Trump Administration, who asked that he remain anonymous for fear of his life. “Have we gone completely nuts?”

It is not clear at this point where all this will end up or how it will affect the campaign or the future of the country.

When Is The Second Shoe Going To Drop?

Whenever you meet a friend on the street or get a friendly email asking how you are doing, how often do you say “fine”? I say it a lot. I am fine in the sense that I am managing to endure what is now approaching six months of modified house arrest without getting sick or going insane or knowing anyone who has. I am fine because I realize how much better off I am than so many others. I am fine because I do not feel I have the right to complain. But to be honest, these are pretty low bars. In this strange time when we do not know who might get sick next or what will happen when businesses  start opening up more, or when colleges “sort of” start up again or  when our grandchildren start going back to school or when more people start eating indoors at restaurants or going to religious services or when people just give up and quit wearing masks–well, no I am not fine. And my guess is neither are you. Nobody is fine. We are all coping, some better than others.

So let me be clear: finding a way out of the grips of this global health monster is and should be the number one priority. I do believe we will find a vaccine that works and  we will  move on. Eventually. How much water will pass under the bridge before that happens, who knows?

But then there is also the economy. This I would call “the second shoe.” The reason that the U.S. economy has managed to muddle through this disaster as well as it has —and it has hardly been what you would call great, except for maybe the stock market rebound—is due mainly to the initial bailout and the $600/week boost in unemployment benefits. Republicans complain that this was poorly designed in the first place since many people who received this check actually made more money than they were when they were working. There are said to be at least twenty Republican Senators who will never vote for an extension or any more bailout money under any circumstances. In any event that unemployment benefit was huge. It was the lifeline not only for the 30 million people who have lost their jobs during the Covid outbreak, about half of whom are still not working. It was the lifeline for the economy. And it is now gone. There are at least 16 million American adults in our country right now whose incomes just dropped by $2,400/ month from what they were receiving a couple of weeks ago when they were getting the extra $600/week in bailout money. Few, if any, just sat on that money. Few, if any, put it under the mattress. They spent it. They paid the rent or the mortgage, bought food for their families, made the car payment, the student loans and credit card payments, and maybe had enough left over for a treat or two. But at this moment that money is gone. Trump’s executive order appears to be neither legal nor practical.  Maybe Congress will find a way to restore it. Maybe not.

Forget for a moment what it means to try to live on an income closer to $12,000-$15,000 a year (the standard previous benefit in most states pre Covid ) instead of $30,000-$40,000/year during the bailout. What do you think this will mean for the economy?

Well, what it means is that  this money will be sucked out of the economy. Losing, say, $600 a week in consumer spending  for 15 million consumers translates to about $9.6 billion a week! That money is the money that would have found its way to mortgage companies, landlords, grocery stores, banks, doctors and dentists, and businesses small and large. If these companies are not able to sell their goods and services, they lay off employees. These unemployed people now have about $300/week to get by, hardly enough. That leads to failure to pay rent, car payments, student loans, health care bills. That translates to even more layoffs and to business failures.

There is a  name for this. It  is called a recession. When the economy tanked  in 2008 due to the mortgage crisis, it was called the Great Recession. What is staring us in the face right now is another Great Depression. It is the second shoe that could drop.

I am not an economist or an expert in such matters, but I do know something about housing. And it is no secret that  when people have their incomes slashed, they are not able to pay the rent or the mortgage. Getting food on the table for their families comes first. I also know that in July over 25% of all U.S. households were at least a month overdue in paying the landlord or the mortgage company. The August numbers are estimated to be over a third of all U.S.  households. I also know that the moratorium on evictions in federally assisted properties has ended and that a third of all households—about 30 million households and  over 50 million people—are at risk of finding themselves out on the street.

Simply evicting these households is not the answer for the banks and lenders either. With such high unemployment, fewer people can afford to move in. Many banks and mortgage companies will fail. Remember 2008-2009?

Folks, we are looking at an economic disaster of perhaps unprecedented proportions. And the tragedy is that we know it is coming and we have the tools, if not to fix it, to soften the blow. The first step is to continue the $600/week unemployment payment for as long as it takes to get us through this. The second is to establish a housing relief fund to help with the ensuing eviction and mortgage crisis. The third is a massive jobs program focusing on green energy and infrastructure. And the fourth is a revamped tax code where the rich and superrich pay their fair share of footing the enormous cost of recovery. And bailing out the beleaguered states should also go into the mix. You got it: pretty much what the House passed several months ago and as things now stand has no chance of passing in the Senate.

And  before we  can really fix the economic crisis we have to get control of the pandemic. So it is a vicious circle.

Let’s hope the Biden-Harris ticket will win. Let’s pray that they win. Let’s do everything we can to help them win.

But even if they do win—and I believe they will—it still will be a tough slog, and there is still uncertainty when we will land on our feet. A lot depends on who gets elected to the Senate.

The alternative—another four years of Trump—is unthinkable.

God help us. God help the people of the United States.  And the world.



Trump Takes Charge As U.S. Pandemic Worries Grow

In order to assure my re-election, I am stepping in by myself to save the nation. What the inept and stupid and dumb Congress won’t do, I will do. By Executive Order I am extending unemployment benefits and preventing all evictions  until election day, eliminating all payroll taxes, which I will make permanent if I am re-elected, which I will be, thanks to the Russians and misinformation and not allowing any mail-in voting, which is unconstitutional anyway according to my flunkee, er AG , Bill Barr, and hereby I declare illegal by Executive Order. And I am declaring the China-flu a fake flu and a hoax. I am firing the inept Fauci and the pathetic Birx at this very moment. No one in the world has done a better job fighting the fake China-flu than me. Anyone wearing a mask from now on or staying home from school will be arrested.

And while I am at it, by Executive Order I am declaring the Congress a fake congress and am directing them to stay home permanently. We don’t need them anyway, and we do not need the fake press either, which I am, by Executive Order, also declaring unconstitutional and illegal. And , by Executive Order, I direct the Homeland Security Police and Park Police to report to me personally from now on and also by Executive Order, I order all protests about Black Lives to be illegal, and anyone who promotes this hoax will be arrested by Homeland Security. And I and I and I…..Oh yes, I am declaring the election illegal if I lose–but I won’t lose–because by Executive Order, I am postponing the election indefinitely, and I and I and I….Oh yes, I am declaring Obamacare unconstitutional and illegal and I and I….


Hey, do you think he may be going too far?


A Faux News (Serious) Editorial: Apocalyptic Times?

I am sitting at my desk  in my home office watching the trees violently thrash this way and that  as tropical storm winds gust to over 50 miles an hour in  blinding rain.

I learn today in the Washington Post that deaths from Covid-19 have topped 155,000 and are continuing to add about a thousand a day with no end in sight. Known infections from the pandemic now top 4 million though many public health experts believe the number could be as much as 10 times higher. Most experts see these numbers rising in the weeks and months ahead, until we can get a vaccine. But when will that happen? Will it happen? We have never come up with a vaccine to prevent AIDS.

Apocalyptic times?

I also learn today that the more than 30 million people who have lost their jobs and who were receiving an extra $600 a week in unemployment insurance saw their benefit cease yesterday, and Congress appears stuck in an effort to try to keep the money flowing. Republicans and Democrats appear so far apart that there is no certainty that any comprehensive, additional federal support will come out of this. Over 25 percent of the households in the United States missed either a mortgage or rent payment in July—and that is when most struggling households were receiving additional unemployment benefits. More than five million have lost their employer-based health care and now have no health insurance.

It could get worse. The federal halt on evictions also ceased on Monday. It is only a matter of time before hundreds of thousands of people could be thrown out on the street. Yet our ability to deal with homelessness is already inadequate.  It is also only a matter of time before the real estate portion of the economy could collapse. When landlords don’t get rent, they can’t pay the banks or mortgage companies for the loans they have taken out. When banks or mortgage companies do not receive payments, they foreclose on properties. When banks or mortgage companies do not receive income, they go under.

And the same could be said of many state and local governments who have lost tax revenues while they have had to add services. Many are laying off workers now because they do not have the funds to pay them, and this includes teachers and other essential workers. Unemployment numbers are likely to rise. Yet there is disagreement between Republican and Democrats about whether  bailout money is needed and who should get it.

And all the while our president sits on the sidelines complaining of potential voter fraud and news networks he does not like, and lashing out at  people like Doctor Deborah Birx, who have dutifully stood by the president at the risk of their own reputations hoping they could make a difference.

Apocalyptic times?

Perhaps not. Perhaps we will come out of this ok. We will elect Joe Biden, and the Democrats will control both houses of Congress. Responsible legislation will pass. But this is by no means guaranteed; and even if this does happen, huge challenges still remain. The pandemic will not magically go away, and there are no quick fixes to the economy. And the answers are not all that self-evident. For example, we know that getting kids back into the schools is critically important and that virtual learning is not an answer long term. Yet going back into classrooms risks lives of teachers and kids and their families. And what about the colleges and universities that are now trying to re-open in a Covid-world? Does anyone think they can do this without serious outbreaks? Yet the on-campus college experience is so important. Where do you draw the line?

Apocalyptic times?

And what about the vast majority of the country who has not gotten sick? We are the fortunate ones. Yet we are also paying a price. We miss getting together in person with friends and family. We are sick of having to wear a mask when we are out of our home. We want to be with real people—not just Zoom images. We want to go out to eat inside a restaurant, to see a show or a performance, to attend group or club in-person meetings, to go to religious services. We want to go back to the office, to go to work, and to go back to our familiar lifestyles. And so many of us live at home alone. My goodness, how will they get through this? How will all of us get through this? Just think of all the weddings postponed and all the cancellations: the milestone birthday parties, the graduations, the retirement parties, the vacations and trips, the family reunions, the in-person funerals. Lord have mercy, these are the kinds of things that keep us going. When will this nightmare end?

Apocalyptic times?

Well, yes. At least in my experience. My generation has experienced nothing like this. We are living in an historical moment.

But wait! As I look out my window, I am stunned. The rain has ceased. The wind is calm, and  a tiny hint of blue is peeking through the clouds. Suddenly a flash of sunlight lights up the drenched tress. The storm has passed.

I think as I conclude this writing: This hideous pandemic, like the storm, will pass. This divided country of ours will come through this. We will become a kinder and gentler nation. The world will make progress. Yes, this is a statement of faith, not fact. But what I do know is this: Only a hour or so ago the sky was almost black, the wind was howling and the rain pounding on my window. There seemed to be no end in sight. Right now the sun is shining brightly.