Howells Big Trip– Access Improved!

Blog followers: Please note that we have made it easier to follow the blog starting at the beginning and also being able to find a specific entry through an added table of contents. Several followers have complained about how hard it is to find something you have missed, so hopefully now it will be much easier. Thank you again for following our travels. I keep running into people—some almost strangers—who tell me they have been reading the blog. For all of you we are deeply grateful!–

3 thoughts on “Howells Big Trip– Access Improved!

  1. Just a note to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed reading about your big trip; came across the link in a travel website recently. Not only interesting to a travel nut like myself, but so well written, with just enough history/background information to pull it all together. We also prefer to travel without flying (a bit difficult when living on a Caribbean island), and often take the repositioning cruises to Europe for a summer of housesitting, returning in the fall. And, like you, have frequently lamented the difference between amtrak and European trains. Thanks for the great read!
    Happy Travels,
    Patsy Hirst (aka Gypsy Grandmum)

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