Back in the Barn

Twenty-three hours in an airplane and 12,000 miles in two days is a bit of an ordeal, but we made it back and are now happily ensconced in our Kennedy-Warren apartment. Some of our beloved plants died due to lack of watering by our apartment sitter, who departed 12 days earlier than anticipated without letting anyone know, but otherwise things are fine except for the expected jet lag.

As our plane passed over the Blue Ridge Mountains at sunset on our descent to Dulles Airport, I felt the usual excitement that I feel when returning to the U.S. after a long trip. It is great to be back! I love our country. I love living in Washington. I love our family and friends and so many things about the life I have been given. I love our great president….

Just checking to see if you are awake.

We are returning to a country still dysfunctional with Trump again threatening another shutdown and/or using money earmarked for disaster relief due to “national emergency” so he can build his wall and appease his restless base.

And it appears that Mueller is getting closer and closer to issuing the long awaited report. 

Strange and fragile times, these times. If nothing else there is plenty of grist for the story mill and for  Faux News. 

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Back in the Barn

  1. Welcome home. Next time, let us care for your home and plants. We have been house sitting since we retired in 2005 and have excellent references from 11 countries.
    The Gypsy Hirsts
    “Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home. We’ll care for yours as we would our own.”

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