Faux News: Hurricane Warning Issued By The President For Iowa

At 4:00 PM today President Trump issued an official hurricane warning for Iowa, which he said was in the direct path of Hurricane Dorian. Despite an immediate rebuttal by the U.S. Weather Service, the president persisted and upped the ante to declare the entire state of Iowa a disaster area, thus qualifying for millions of dollars for federal relief aid. Republicans universally applauded the action, citing among other things his warnings regarding Alabama issued earlier in the week.  Several senators, led by Lindsey Graham, argued that were it not for the president, the entire state could have been destroyed. The Governor of Alabama praised the president for his courage and forethought and thanked him for the millions of dollars that have been diverted from schools, shelters and day care centers in states like Maryland, New York and Massachusetts to assist the citizens of Alabama. 

Trump lashed out again about fake news and lambasted the press for not giving adequate coverage to the hurricane in Alabama and then against the “deep state” for posting government information contrary to what the president was saying. He announced that by Executive Order he was permanently closing down the Weather Service.

Several citizens in Iowa interviewed by Faux News expressed bewilderment that the state would be in the direct path of a hurricane since there is no evidence that any hurricane has ever reached the state or any state close to it. They went on to add however, that they were grateful to the president for shutting down schools, shelters, and day care centers in Maryland, New York, and Massachusetts to divert funds to Iowa, which would be received just in time for the Iowa primary. 

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