Trump Takes Charge As U.S. Pandemic Worries Grow

In order to assure my re-election, I am stepping in by myself to save the nation. What the inept and stupid and dumb Congress won’t do, I will do. By Executive Order I am extending unemployment benefits and preventing all evictions  until election day, eliminating all payroll taxes, which I will make permanent if I am re-elected, which I will be, thanks to the Russians and misinformation and not allowing any mail-in voting, which is unconstitutional anyway according to my flunkee, er AG , Bill Barr, and hereby I declare illegal by Executive Order. And I am declaring the China-flu a fake flu and a hoax. I am firing the inept Fauci and the pathetic Birx at this very moment. No one in the world has done a better job fighting the fake China-flu than me. Anyone wearing a mask from now on or staying home from school will be arrested.

And while I am at it, by Executive Order I am declaring the Congress a fake congress and am directing them to stay home permanently. We don’t need them anyway, and we do not need the fake press either, which I am, by Executive Order, also declaring unconstitutional and illegal. And , by Executive Order, I direct the Homeland Security Police and Park Police to report to me personally from now on and also by Executive Order, I order all protests about Black Lives to be illegal, and anyone who promotes this hoax will be arrested by Homeland Security. And I and I and I…..Oh yes, I am declaring the election illegal if I lose–but I won’t lose–because by Executive Order, I am postponing the election indefinitely, and I and I and I….Oh yes, I am declaring Obamacare unconstitutional and illegal and I and I….


Hey, do you think he may be going too far?


3 thoughts on “Trump Takes Charge As U.S. Pandemic Worries Grow

  1. Also, I am declaring that Let Trump be Trump be the new title of the song formerly known as Happy Birthday.

    It reads:

    Let Truhh – ummph be truhh-ummph
    Let Truhh – ummph be truhh-ummph

    Happy Truh – ummph to You -oooh
    Happy birthday dear me

    And, mannnnny more!”

    We will sing this on every January 20 when I am re-inaugurated by my MAGA supporters and anyone else who wants to do business with the government.

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