Back in the Saddle

Hey, I am back, In charge, Boss, Numero Uno, and healthier than ever. In fact, I was never out of  charge. Not me. No big deal, this fake pandemic. Now if you vote for that no good, wimp Biden over there, you are voting to wear a face mask. A vote for me, no way. You wanna wear a mask all the time? I don’t think so.

But what about all those on your staff who are infected and your Secret Service guards and the 210,000 people who have died?


One thought on “Back in the Saddle

  1. When will the Dexamethasone euphoria run out of steam? And you all are back from the bay.
    Baby Johnny is baptized in N.J. We drove up for a 48- hour visit.
    We saw his first smile. Ahhhh, the next generation finally…

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