Help Is On The Way

Hey, Boss, Where you going with that big book?

To Congress, you idiot. I have red lined everything I want changed in this stupid law, and believe me, it’s a lot.

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  1. Well done, Faux News…but before you go, you should know that you left one of your correspondents out on a limb as he was covering a breaking news story. He sent it to me and I will post it here:

    (Faux News affiliate. Undetermined location) — The likelihood of a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate grew today as it was revealed by in-the-know sources that Vice President Pence has decided to resign so he would not have to declare Former Vice President Joseph Biden as the next U.S. President.
    And improbable as it would seem, the source said, the vice president would actually resign just before the letters of ratification of U.S. Electors from the 50 states would be read in the joint session of Congress. And, even more improbably, this would be timed for when President Donald J. Trump could not be reached because he may be on the golf course.
    But the source said there’s no requirement anyway that the President would have to know of the Vice President’s resignation.
    The source said that in such a case, when the president could not appoint a new Vice President in time to read the election results before the close of business on January 5th, the person who would automatically fill in for Vice President Pence would be the Speaker of the U. S. House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who until an there is an appointed V-P would assume the Vice Presidency and, consequently, the presidency of the U.S. Senate.
    The plan was further described by the source as a way for Pelosi to quickly ratify Biden’s election, an action that could not be negated later by a person Trump may appoint to the Vice Presidency to serve until January 20.
    Vice President Pence said he could not accept the idea that he would have to ratify Biden’s election, and would rather leave that open to a Democratic representative no matter who that may be.
    The resignation of a Vice President does not have to be accepted or rejected by the President. And, there is no U.S. Congressional rule requiring the President to be notified that the Vice President, i.s. president of the U.S. Senate, has resigned. Rules of the U.S. Senate would bind it to accept the accession of the Speaker of the House as legitimate, since that is constitutional under the 25th Amendment, even if temporary.
    The outcome of the national election is also not a question for the U.S. Supreme Court to decide after the 50 states’ electors’ ratification has taken place. So a last minute appeal by G.O.P, Senators would not be acted upon, the source said.
    Even though both U.S. Senators from Georgia might have been elected in Tuesday’s voting, G.O.P. a 52-48 advantage over Democrats in Upper House, a demand for a recount by the Democrats would push final ratification of results beyond Wednesday’s U.S. Congress session, meaning the possible 52-48 advantage might slip to 51-49 under a scenario where the validation would be delayed. Reason: the term of U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler…, who was appointed to her position by G.O.P. Governor Kemp to fill the term of Johnny Isaacson effectively came to an end January 3 because she was not elected for a new term until after the U.S. Senate was convened. It was assumed, the source said, that Governor Kemp would appoint her, but, the source said, he had decided could not conscientiously do that given existing concern about the President charges of trigging of the Nov. 3rd election. So, as of the time Speaker Pelosi would assume the Vice Presidency, the actual GOP advantage would be only 51-49. The source said the U.S. Senate is guided by a 1984 Document of the U.S. Senate that says an elected senator will assume the senate seat on the day elected. However, a Senator’s election is not ratified ever until the canvass of a vote in Georgia, meaning at least the day after or days after the election.

    Other breaking news also changed the picture.GOP U.S. Senator Mitt Romney of Utah and U.S. Senator Susan Collins of Maine said surprisingly on Monday they would no longer caucus with the GOP in the Senate, meaning the GOP majority would be erased by the loss of the Georgia seat and by Romney’s and Collins’ defections. With the theoretical strengths of the GOP Senators being only 49 seats and the Democratic caucus picking up the Romney and Collins seats for a total of 50, the U.S. Senate for the remainder of the term of President Trump would be under the sway of the Democrats, 50-49, at lease until the seat of Georgia U.S. Senator….were to be decided. The source said, however, that even in possibility that she might retain her seat and the GOP’s strength would be 50, and the Democrats strength would be 50, the Democrats would still be in control given Vice President’s tie-breaklng vote as President of the U.S. Senate.
    The office of the Vice President and The White House refused comment on this story.
    A U.S. Senate page, who requested anonymity, said he had heard the outline of this scenario discussed between two U.S. Senators but would not divulge who they were. It was not certain as of Monday evening what types of legislation by Congress might be acted upon during the period Pelosi remained as Vice President.
    Faux News (pronounced fox news) is closing on Monday but a representative of an independent new source, said it would retweet the story on Tuesday.

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