The Stakes Could Not Be Higher

We Republicans believe in individual freedom. We are not like the socialist Democrats who will do anything they can to take away your individual rights and personal freedoms. Vote for freedom. Vote Republican!

3 thoughts on “The Stakes Could Not Be Higher

  1. Thanks, Joe!
    So obvious, but why is no one else really saying it??
    And not just abortions and books, how about gay, trans, voting?

  2. Joe, you know I will have a different thought on this posting. Republicans are not banning books. Some school districts are wanting to restrict certain type of sexually explicit books — better that the parents determine what information their children should have . This comes from parents who are Democrats, Republicans and Independents. My position is that states should be making their laws as to the status of abortions. The federal government should not be keep taking away the rights of states in many fields.

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