So what has happened to Joe Howell’s blog posts?

To all who have been faithful blog followers: the blogger has Long Covid!

I am now two weeks into this hideous punishment with no improvement so far, but stay tuned, I will get a post out shortly (which I had written but not posted before Covid returned)  and hopefully will be able to get going again albeit at a slower pace.

And thank each and everyone of you for following the posts. I am truly grateful!


8 thoughts on “So what has happened to Joe Howell’s blog posts?

  1. Oh Joe, We opened your blog post excitedly this morning and we are so sorry to read this! Of all the people… so many of us look to you and listen to you for insights and laughter and guidance. We can’t wait until you are feeling well enough to get back to telling, writing and sharing stories. Sending many prayers and enthusiastic well wishes your and Mimy’s way.

  2. Some day soon you’ll send us an hilarious story about this horrible disease and we’ll laugh together. Much love and best wishes.

  3. Since you’ve been at this since 2014, your many fans won’t likely fade away. We know you are working hard on the most important project, getting better. Hope things improve in the near future.
    Love, Karen and Rick

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