Around-the-World in 120 Days

March 11

Washington, DC

HowellBigTrip2On Saturday, March 14, 2015, Embry and I depart on our around-the-world tour without using airplanes. The no airplanes idea was hers, but I am going along with it enthusiastically. It should be an adventure. During the next four months I will be posting regular blog entries as well as photos and  hope you will follow along as we make our way:

First to Ft Lauderdale via Amtrak (March 14)

Then to Valencia, Spain, via a “repositioning, oneway transit cruise” aboard a Holland American cruise ship being moved from the Caribbean to the Med (March 16-29). In Spain we are doing a house exchange  for two weeks. (March 30-April 14)

Then to Moscow by rail via Madrid, Paris, Brittany, Berlin, and Warsaw. (April 14-May 6)

Then to Beijing on the Trans Siberian Railroad, with numerous stops along the way including Lake Bakal and Mongolia. (May 7-May 25)

Then a month in China (May 26-June 23)

And finally back to the US via a Maris Line container ship from Shanghai to Seattle (17 days). The departure date  is a little iffy, so it is not exactly certain when we will set foot on American soil–probably mid July– and because of the uncertainty, we have not yet lined up the trip across the US to DC.

We should have access to the internet most of the way except the two ocean crossings so there may be a blackout during those periods. Otherwise my goal is to post daily. I will announce on Facebook when I have a new post and  hope you will follow us. First post should be on the 16th.

We are still working on obtaining our Russian and Belarus visas but should have them in hand next week. Wish us luck!

5 thoughts on “Around-the-World in 120 Days

  1. I’ll be following you for sure. Have a grand time. Thank you, thank you for doing photos and a blog. Safe travels. Love, Marilyn (and David)

  2. Bon voyage! Happy trails!
    Be safe!
    We look forward to your stories and photos!

    Hope you get to Xi’an, China to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site terracotta warriors
    and enjoy an imperial dinner and musical theater performance there!

    Request no MSG every time you dine in China!
    Pronounced: Méiyǒu wèijīng

    Diane & Sam

  3. We shall be following you all the way; have a really great trip – and give our love to Matthew, Emma and Edith in Shanghai!

  4. What an amazing spirit of adventure. As always, you two are huge inspirational figures in our lives!

    We look forward to reading and seeing all about your extraordinary journey in the coming months.

    Happy trails!

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