From The UK: Trump And The Queen

This post is from dear friend and blog follower, The Reverend Roger Wikely, partially-retired Anglican priest and a Faux News stringer, living in his native England.

No reporter from Faux News was seen in London this week to record the historic meeting of Her Gracious Majesty (the Queen) with President Tramp (spelling intentional).
It is reported that the President was determined to ignore courtiers’ advice and to greet Her Majesty with a kiss, but this proved to be beyond him since, he, being oversized and she, being petite, he couldn’t stoop low enough to fulfil that particular ambition.  Asked if she preferred him to address her as Liz or as Queenie, her response was such that no reporters could hear it.

It is hoped our reporter will come immediately to the UK to cover what is left of this visit.

One thought on “From The UK: Trump And The Queen

  1. The reverend is showing a lot of journalistic promise! Why not make him your reporter in residence over there?

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