Faux News: Preview of the 2020 State of the Union Speech

Faux News has been able to steal a copy of the State of the Union speech Trump plans to give on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 before the House, Senate and the nation. A portion of the speech is shown below:


Good evening to my devoted base and all my Republican friends in the Senate. And to everyone else listening or viewing at home other than the sleezy Democrats. This is a day to celebrate my total victory and exoneration regarding the phony impeachment trial. Now I know that the Senate will probably  not vote to acquit until Wednesday, but you know the result just like I do. The witch hunt is over. The Democrats tried to get me once with the Mueller Report and that failed, so they tried again with lies and falsehoods about some alleged, Ukrainian, quid pro quo “drug deal” that never happened. They failed again. The Democrats tried to reverse the election of 2016. They tried to overturn the will of the American people. But they have failed. So, this is a great day for the nation, and I can say that the state of the United States of America has never been stronger. I am in charge, and I am the greatest president to ever live. You know that and you love me for it.

Now before I get into what I plan to do with regard to more cutting taxes for the rich, cutting health care benefits, killing Obamacare, cutting Medicare and Social Security, reducing food stamps and all government handouts, cutting off all immigration, expanding the use of fossil fuels, encouraging more coal mining, killing all environmental regulations, making abortion illegal,  finishing the Wall, humiliating Iran, stomping China, and making America even greater again, I want to explain to you what the upcoming Senate vote on Wednesday to exonerate me  means. It proves that I did nothing wrong on my phone call with Zelensky or anyone else. It proves it was a perfect call.  In fact, I have never done anything wrong. Ever. Or lied. The so-called witness testimonies were all lies. Deep state people. Scoundrels. You Republicans in the Senate stood behind me on this with only two Republican detractors, who are traitors. No one needs to hear testimony from a liar like Bolton or any of the henchman thugs like Parnas.  Thank you, Senators, for setting the record straight and for standing up for your principles. If there is another book written about profiles in courage, you will be in it. Wednesday, when the vote to acquit happens, will be a great day for America!

Now before telling you all the  great things I have done to make America great, I would like to focus on justice. What we have just witnessed here in America was a failed Koodetah [sic]. Now in other great countries like Russia, China, Egypt, Turkey, North Korea, Brazil, or Indonesia, those involved in a Koo[sic] would be executed. That is what should happen here. Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, and all the so-called House Managers, all of them. That will be the first order of business: to bring them to justice. The same for Romney and Collins. I know the people of America will demand it.

Second, what the investigation did turn up in Ukraine is that Joe Biden had that great prosecutor fired because he was investigating Biden’s corrupt son, Hunter. Joe Biden should also be jailed for treason. The investigations also prove that Ukraine, not Russia, was influencing the election in favor of Hillary. Yet despite a rigged election, I won anyway. I won big time and with no help from anyone. Just me. On my own.

Third, I know that many of you who are my followers belong to citizens’ associations that have falsely been characterized by the Fake News Media, as militias or hate groups. Just because you carry A 15s and AK 47s, ride motorcycles, have tattoos with the face of Hitler, wear motorcycle jackets with swastikas on them,  shave your heads  or have names like Neo Nazi this or Atilla the Hun that does not mean that you do not want to help make me make America great again. You can help right now by standing up for your rights and doing what you have to do. I am not asking you to break any laws, just to do what you have to do, and only you and I know what that is. I say, just do it. This is not a quid pro quo.

Finally, the thing I am most concerned about is how the Fake Press has ruined our country by spreading lies about me. It is long overdue that I put a stop to this, and this will be my number two priority after I bring the traitors to justice. Failing newspapers like the NY Times and the Washington Post and despicable media outlets like PBS, MSNBC, and CNN are a cancer that is ruining our society and must be stopped permanently. I have a plan for that which I will introduce very soon.

Now I want to go into detail why I am great, what I have done to make our country great pretty much all by myself, and why I should be elected for at least another term. This will take some time, because I have done so much….



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