Let Us Now Praise Famous Men and Women

During this time of the Covid 19 pandemic, let us give praise. Let us praise all those people who are working every day to save lives in hospitals, wellness centers, and emergency rooms. They are there for us all the time, but we think about them rarely, mainly in times of crisis like we are in now. Many do this at great risk of getting infected, and some have paid the price with their lives. Let us praise the doctors, the nurses, the nursing assistants, and the medical technicians. Let us praise those who keep them going—those who greet patients, answer the phone, run the computers, turn on the lights, prepare the food, wash dishes,clean up, fix what is broken, provide security, and all those behind the scenes who keep the hospitals and doctors’ offices open.

Let us praise the first responders, those whom we honored after 9-11, but whom often we take for granted. Let us praise the emergency health care workers, the police, and firefighters, and all those who are there for us in times of great crisis.

Let us praise the hospital chaplains, the clergy, the social workers, and all those who comfort the sick and the bereaved, their families, and loved ones.

Let us praise the researchers and scientists who are working 24-7 to figure this pandemic out, to soften its blow, and to develop a vaccine.

Let us praise our teachers and professors, who are now teaching from home using the internet to connect with students.

Let us praise those who work in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and senior’s housing where the losses have been so great and the personal risks so high.

Let us praise all those people who are keeping us going in our own homes as we struggle to deal with stay-at-home orders, isolation, and physical distancing. Let us praise those who are still working in essential businesses like grocery stores and pharmacies, those who prepare food for delivery and get it to us, those who drive the buses, trains, trucks and airplanes that get essential items to us, those who produce the food, and those who drive the taxis and cars that take us where we need to go. Let us praise those who deliver our mail, pick up our trash, clean our streets and public areas, and those who work in the apartment buildings where so many of us live. Let us praise those in government who get to us essential services and financial aid. Let us praise our military and those who are keeping our country safe and strong. Let us praise our elected officials at all levels of government who are making difficult decisions every day regarding how to deal with the pandemic.

And let us praise the everyday people who are lending a hand here and there, trying to ease the pain we all are going through. Let us praise the small business owner who continues to keep staff on, knowing that if government help does not come soon enough, it could mean the end of the business. Let us praise the landlord who gives tenants a break on the rent and lenders who put off foreclosures and loan payments. Let us praise all those who call a neighbor or friend just to check on how they are doing and to see if help is needed. Let us praise those who volunteer to provide services to shut-ins and those most isolated and at risk. Let us praise all who are trying to do their part by keeping a safe distance and staying at home. These are the unsung heroes.

Let us now praise all these famous men and women.

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