Republicans Respond to Bidens’s Challenge To Say What They Are For

What do you mean, we Republicans are not FOR anything? This is a lie, a damn, bald-faced lie and you know it. WE are the ones that are FOR what the American people want, not you do-nothing Democrat failures.

So you wanna know  what we are for? THIS is what we are for:

We are for getting rid of Covid mask mandates.

We are for getting rid of Covid vaccine mandates. 

We are for gun rights for everyone, anytime, all the time, no exceptions.

We are for making teaching CRT illegal at all schools, colleges, and universities.

We are for making abortion illegal everywhere in the United States.

We are for sending illegal immigrants back to where they came from.

We are for keeping immigrants out of the country.

We are for the oil and gas industries.

We are for stopping the efforts to slow global warming, which is not even happening anyway.

We are for  efforts to stomp out “political correctness” wherever it raises its ugly head.

We are for the brave patriots who tried to rescue our democracy on January 6 by peacefully occupying the Capitol.

We are for keeping the filibuster as long as Republicans are not in the majority in the Senate.

We are for restricting voting in precincts leaning Democratic and where there are a lot of minority voters.

We are for requiring state legislatures in Republican-controlled, battleground states to exercise their Constitutional right to appoint the electors of their choice.

We are for tax cuts for the wealthy.

And Most of all, we are for Donald Trump, our Supreme Leader, who is infallible, and who will lead our country into a new era of Authoritarianism and greatness.

So don’t give me that BS about how we are not FOR anything.




8 thoughts on “Republicans Respond to Bidens’s Challenge To Say What They Are For

  1. Brilliant

    Could add that

    We are for anything but free expression for anyone who doesn’t believe what we believe.

    We also believe, as our patron court jester Neville Norquist frequently asks, that anyone who is a Republican needs to sign an oath that he/she believes all these tenets.

    We furthermore believe that you have to “Read the Lips” of Senator Mitch McConnell at least once a day.

  2. OH yeah, we are for The Wall which you Democrats will pay for.
    And we are against any POC occupying any office greater than the local dog catcher.
    (except for that star Tim Scott in Maine).

  3. You’ve convinced me, Mr MAGA hat! But more folks need to learn about this outstanding platform. Maybe you should apply for a writing job at the RNC’s PR department? 😉

    Thank you for the chuckle and humor Joe! Seriously, send to Trevor Noah!

  4. Please, Joe. Use your perceptive and subtle sense of humor to enlighten us on what the Democrats are for.

    1. I will see what I can do. YOU, however, are invited to do a guest blog. I could try to do a serious piece or a humorous one on the hypocrisy of radical chic or talking the talk but not walking the walk.

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