How You Stand on the Issues Often Depends on Where You Sit (or Live).

Affordable Housing? Affordable Housing to Be Built in MY neighborhood? Poor people moving into housing near me?

Never! Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Never …….!

4 thoughts on “How You Stand on the Issues Often Depends on Where You Sit (or Live).

  1. This is so true Joe. It’s perfect actually for the town where I live which was sued a couple years ago because it didn’t meet NJ affordable housing obligations. Like many other affluent areas, folks here seem to have been afraid their real estate values and quality of neighborhood life would go down.

    Actually, I recently learned that’s not what happens at least in NJ. Earlier this month I attended a local meeting about affordable housing. Panelists were from a non-profit that develops and manages affordable housing and from a highly successful for-profit developer whose projects include 10-30% affordable housing as well as market rate housing. According to them, the fears of home owners about reduction in real estate values are not born out. They showed pictures in which the affordable housing units looked at least as nice if not nicer and lovelier than market rate housing. It seems a lot of attention is paid to those details so that it’s impossible for a passerby to know which residents live in affordable vs market rate housing.

    I learned so much from that meeting, which busted a lot of common misconceptions. Here’s the YouTube video link for those who are interested:

    1. Thanks, Eva. You are right that the kind of affordable housing that is being built today looks a lot like market rate housing and usually serves people with a wide range of incomes, 30-60% of the median income in the area.
      Still people come out of the woodwork to oppose building these communities if they are in or near affluent, often liberal, neighborhoods.
      Helping developers build this type of housing as you know has been my career and I haves loved the work though I have scars on my back to show for it.

  2. Joe, even though I am a long time Repub I appreciate your keeping me on your list as needless to say I enjoy your posts. More important Karen and I are getting settled in to our new Skyline Retirement Community abode in Seattle having sold our home in Burien. More important Karen and I hope this finds you all well and look forward to the chance of our paths crossing in the not too distant future. More important let me know if you have our new contact info and if not I will pass on. To be safe please e-mail me your address and contact info when you have time to

    Thanks and say hi to my cousin and your lovely wife.

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